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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto and Naruto Shippuden created by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is the main protagonist (Hero) and titular character of the series.

Shortly after he was born, the Kyuubi attacked the village. To stop the demon the Fourth Hokage (Minato Namikaze) was forced to imprison it into the body of the young baby Naruto and also giving up his own life.

As Naruto grew up the adults in Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha) saw Naruto as the demon fox itself. This feeling was passed on to their children who also looked down on Naruto.

Growing up Naruto did not have anyone who really cared for him. Because of this Naruto has grown up seeking to have everyone acknowledge and recognize him as being a skilled ninja.

Naruto's goal is to become a Hokage someday and also to surpass all other Hokages.

Although Naruto is only a Genin of Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha), he is trained as a Sage and thus is one of the village's most powerful ninja.

Naruto is the only son of Minato Namikaze (Yondaime) and Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto is a member of Team 7 / Team Kakashi, and the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (Kyuubi).

Naruto also has a crush on Sakura Haruno, but Sakura on the hand loves Sasuke Uchiha who has left her and everyone else behind to pursue his revenge of killing his elder brother Itachi Uchiha.

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Naruto - Autumn

Naruto - Autumn


Naruto Uzumaki by zubair

Naruto Uzumaki by zubair


Naruto Uzumaki by zubair 2

Naruto Uzumaki by zubair 2


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